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Combo Pack of SPRIG TE.A Green Tea with Tulsi ( 25 sachets) and SPRIG TE.A Green Tea with Ginger ( 25 Sachets)

Sprig TE.A is unlike any regular Green Tea in market. By virtue of proprietary cold-crafting process freshly plucked green-tea leaves are converted to a flavour and nutrient rich powder which is fully soluble. Our technology is designed to optimally retain the nutrient value of our infusions by improving its bio-activity (effectiveness of the nutrients), and bio-availability (the body’s ability to absorb them).

Unlike drying process followed by most Tea manufacturers, there is no heat involved in making SPRIG TE.A . This ensures that none of the volatile components lending flavour are lost. 

Most importantly with regular green tea bag, you dip the bag twice and throw away 90% of nutrients !

Sprig TE.A is India's first fully soluble green tea that helps you ingest all the goodness in Green-tea and zero wastage. 

The flavour that you will experience with Sprig's Tulsi or Ginger TE.A will be a completely refreshing experience and unlike what you would have ever experienced with regular Green-Tea.
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